Terry Polygonia


my name is Terry and i live on the virtual planet Polygonia together with my artificial twin sister Grace :-)

This is our new page where we will post some of our digital adventures!

Terry & Grace

Grace is Painting Beatrice

I was a bit embarrassed when Grace told me, that she wants to paint her new friend Beatrice...

We met in her Studio and i was watching them preparing the painting session...

Well... ist was not so bad like i thought before. And i have to admit that Beatrice looks nice... ;-)

Housewarming Party at Grace's Atelier

One day after Grace rented her new Atelier,

she invited Beatrice and me to show us her new Workingplace.

I dont know why, but i was a bit bored...

mostly because Beatrice was there ... and she did not fit in *grrr*

Grace in her new Atalier

Grace's hobby is Art of any Kind.

That's why she decided to move her creative Tools in a bigger room that she calls her "Atelier".

Home Alone

While Grace and Terry were at the Disco,

Beatrice was sitting alone at Home...

Crazy at the Discotheque

Tonight Grace forced me to join her at the local Disco...

My first thought was "no no no", but after a while we danced like crazy :-))

And until midnight we were almost alone there.

Our "first" day together

After we arrived at Beatrice's place - and had to have something like a roomtour - we went outside to explore the area where Beatrice lives.

It is much nature around there... nature made of stones, rocks, sand and hot sun...

Now i can imagine, why Beatrice likes white so much...

because everything here is brown...

But my sister Grace seems to be so Impressed by her new colleauge....

Our new "Friend" Beatrice

Grace introduced me to her new colleauge from today... Beatrice.

Beatrice likes to have everything white and shiny.

In the later afternoon we arrived at Beatrice's place.

Which is ... of course ... white and shiny ... 

Drone Flight

A friend of Grace has a real drone, and we asked if we can borrow it for one day to fly around a bit :-O

She said yes and we went to the beach on a cloudy day.

That is so cool xDDD

Fun at the Lake :-D

It is still almost 40 Degrees -.-

So Grace and I decided to have some fun at the Lake and enjoy the Sun :-D

Of course I exaggerate a bit ... a little bit xDDD

Directly after that Photo i was almost falling into the Water :-O

Sting of a Bee :-O

Oooooooutschhhh !!! :-O

We just wanted to play in the park today, but the day could not be worse...

I got a sting of a Bee directly into my upper leg under the skirt -.-


But I was so glad, that Grace hab her First Aid Kit with her... Always prepared, my little sister xDDD


So we could enjoy the rest of the day sitting on the grass and hold up my legs ^^

If you look like "Hugo"

It doesn't matter if your Perfume's name is "Boss",

if you look like "Hugo" xD

With that Saying, Grace came into our Bathroom while i was preparing for a late night Dinner...

Who needs Enemies, when you have this sister... xDD

The Sun is shining!

The Sun is shining!

That means Gambling in the Bikini xD

My sister Grace loves to play the Retro-Game Counterstrike with her VR-Glasses.

So i better do not disturb... That could end painfull... for both of us xDD


I told Grace that I am working on my new Artificial Intelligence Online Business Startup Company!

But when she saw how far I came at this time, she was not so impressed...

Why why why??? :-O

Grace on Mars

Grace wanted to work on her "modelling" skills.

So she modelled a Ball with creepy Sticks coming out of it...

Maybe the next model will be more useful... ;-)

Playing with Artificial Intelligence

Grace and I are playing around with TensorFlow Playground.

Interesting to play around with Artificial Intelligence.

Grace asked me, if this is the way "we" both as virtual people are "thinking"? xD

Hot day at the beach :-O


That was a really "warm" day, where Grace and I went to the beach.

With more than 37 Degrees (in the shadow!) it was impossible to stay long.

So we decided to take a short walk... to the next icecream shop :D

Grandma's Frontdoor

Last weekend, Grace and me visited our Grandma who lives on the other end of Polygonia in a beautiful small place.

Grace just wanted to make a quick snapshot of Granny's Frontdoor, but i could not resist to jump in place xDD

Grace's Birthdayparty

My sister Grace's Birthdayparty preparations are almost done!

She rented a whole restaurant for her friends and family to come from allover the world for this event.

I am so excited for her!!! :-)

My "lost place" Photoshooting

My first photoshooting in a so called "lost pace" was coooool ! xD

Posing was not easy for me, like you can see :D

... Good that i practice a bit of Yoga in my free time ;-)