Terragon-Music Dance Tracks

Terragon-Music Dance Tracks wurden produziert mit

Cubase 5

Native Instruments Groove Agent One

Native Instruments Massive

Native Instruments Kontakt 5

Native Instruments HALionOne

Terragon-Music feat. CoOW : The SlowCow-Song (Official Video, HD, Release 2018)

Terragon-Music: Robo-Bird

Terragon-Music PsyTrance Melody Experiment 1

Terragon-Music: Greek Dance

Terragon-Music: Violin in the Disco

Terragon-Music: Dance Track 2

Terragon-Music: Dance Track 1 und 1.2

Infected Mushroom - Suliman (Terragon Cover Version)

Original: https://www.youtube.com/user/InfectedMushroomVids http://www.infected-mushroom.com/

Terragon Music - "For the Ladies" 2011 Remix

- Music prduced with Cubase 5 (and samples) - 3D Animation made with Cinema 4D 11.5 - Dancing Girl modelled and animated with Poser Pro 2010

Terragon-Music: G&B Urban Beat (Guitar and Bass Style)

- Music prduced with Cubase 5 LoopMash 2014